Phinehas – The Last Word Is Yours To Speak

Phinehas’ previous record, The God Machine, was hyped. The band was the best thing in metalcore since… I’m not sure since what but people had high praise for the band and record. I didn’t see it. The record was fine, but nothing special or earth shattering, or even that deserving of the hype it was getting. But The Last Word Is Yours To Speak found it’s release with not a ton of attention. The music scene has shifted in the previous couple of years but you’d think that with all the attention The God Machine got that Phinehas’ star wouldn’t have dimmed so quickly.

Unlike The God Machine, I really enjoy The Last Word Is Yours To Speak. It’s not that Phinehas has flipped their sound on it’s head. But there’s something in the songs that work for me.

Fleshkiller is a solid metalcore song, with a strong hook. It’s a nice riff on the hook and the solo is brilliant. The movement from the solo back into the hook reminds me of Haste the Day in all the right ways! Blood On My Knuckles has a subtle southern twinge in the guitar riff. It’s just enough to break whatever monotony you might be expecting. Dyson Sphere is a great building crescendo that expresses a sense of urgency that draws the listener in.

Tons of killer riffs, catchy hooks, and heaviness to boot. The Last Word Is Yours To Speak is the record I wish The God Machine had been. Heavy and catchiness. Enough variety song to song to keep the record from becoming monotonous and boring. Fans of Haste the Day, Oh Sleeper, and The Showdown (yep, you read that right) will love The Last Word Is Yours To Speak. I’m finally a fan of Phinehas.

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