Shine Bright Baby – Dreamers

Cheesy christian pop or great pop music? That’s the line that Shine Bright Baby walks on their BEC debut, Dreamers. If you listen to Shine Bright Bay’s previous work you hear solid emo tinged rock music that speaks to being influenced by band’s like Paramore. Very solid and you can understand why BEC would sign them. A great young band.

And there’s a lot of great rock and roll moments on Dreamers. But Dreamers is more. Somewhere between Paramore and Britt Nicole is where Shine Bright Baby falls. And that’s pretty good company to be in and fall between.

Made To Glow is a great album opener that showcases both where the band came from and this new direction. An upbeat song to get kids dancing, with a nice anthemic hook. It’s a killer pop song. Overcome slowly builds into a dance track. Beautiful Love is more bubbly. Still upbeat and catchy. The first three tracks set a nice groundwork for Dreamers.

Love Restores isn’t my favorite song on the record. There’s nothing to hate about the track, but it feels like a song I already heard Hyland record. A solid ballad to give Dreamers some balance. Just not my favorite song. But Shine Bright Baby jumps right back into pop goodness with Difference. The Brave Ones is the only all out rock and roll track. Never Too Far is a fantastic hook that has radio single written all over it.

Lyrically, Dreamers is shallow at times. Where the songs have great pop dance grooves, or strong rock hooks, the lyrics don’t always progress past skin deep CCM themes. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that but at times it distracts from how good the music is.

There is more good than bad and Dreamers is an extremely enjoyable record. It’s solid bubblegum rock/pop. Shine Bright Baby have delivered an excellent debut. And I expect nothing but big things from them in the future.

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