My Heart To Fear – Algorithm

When I gave My Heart To Fear’s debut ep, Lost Between Brilliance and Insanity, I wasn’t a fan. So much so that I didn’t even write a review because I didn’t just want to say negative things and tear the band to shreds. That’s how much I didn’t like the ep. So there wasn’t much anticipation on my part going to Algorithm.

And since I’m reviewing it, you already know it’s better. 

Algorithm is a huge step forward for My Heart To Fear. Lost Between Brilliance and Insanity feel into this pattern of modern, tired deathcore/metalcore that seemed extremely uninspired. Algorithm is more intricate and outside of the box. There’s more death metal elements and more technical metal thrown into their sound.

The intro on Dust to Dust sounds like you’re listening to the score from on of the latest Batman movies before the band kicks in. Instantly, you can hear a difference in My Heart To Fear’s sound. Yes, the song still dumps into a breakdown with clean vocals, the complexity in the guitar and bass riffs give the song an extra level. The hook is a little long winded and not the catchiest chorus in metalcore, but there’s something charming and slightly interesting about it.

The chorus chant of “We blame God” on 414 Days immediately grabs your attention. A solid song about using God as a way out to explain suffering and pain. Algorithm is a great technical song and I love the bass riff that opens The Witching Hour Pt 2. There’s also a fantastic technical “breakdown” section on Wish You Were Here.

My Heart To Fear stepped up their game and delivered a solid record. It’s not world changing or even record of the year material, but considering that I didn’t want to even review the band’s debut… That says a lot about how much they’ve grown and matured. Algorithm is a solid metal record.

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