Strengthen What Remains – Turning A Blind Eye

It seems like it’s been ages since I listened to a pure hardcore record. So hitting play on Strengthen What Remain’s debut full-length, Turning A Blind Eye, was nice. Turning A Blind Eye is old school hardcore through and through. I’m reminded a lot of Point of Recognition and Call to Preserve when listening to Strengthen What Remains.

Only one song over 3 minutes keeps the record moving at a quick pace. It’s the perfect soundtrack for circle pits (The Narrow Path, Gouge It Out, Indoctrination), windmills (Turning A Blind Eye, Somethings Change), picking up change (Humanity Is My Stumbling Block, The Noble Lie), and whatever other form of hardcore moshing/dancing you can think of. The songs are raw and heavy with songs of standing up for your beliefs and fighting the system, and not letting anyone put you down because you’re young. It’s hardcore to the bone.

And I love that. In a world where metalcore, melodic hardcore, and whatever other genre tags get used, Hardcore, pure and simple as it may be at times, is lost in this world. And it’s nice to hear a band just deliver a strong, straightforward hardcore record.

Turning A Blind Eye is a great hardcore record that hardcore fans, old and young, should pick up.

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