War Generation – Start Somewhere, Never Surrender

I always liked Sense Field, but it wasn’t until Further Seems Forever’s Hide Nothing that I loved Jon Bunch. He “saved” Further Seems Forever for me. He wasn’t Chris Carrabba, but thankfully he wasn’t Jason Gleason (I’ve since warmed up to How to Start a Fire).

War Generation doesn’t sound like Further Seems Forever. Or Sense Field. But it feels familiar. Yes, that mostly comes from Bunch’s smooth vocals, but War Generation is a band that should gain fans quickly. The melodies and hooks on Start Somewhere Never Surrender are strong and it doesn’t take long to find yourself singing along. Nobody and Done and Gone kick off the record with great energy and solid hooks. Keeping Quiet still has a great melody but it’s one of the more aggressive songs  on the record. Hardcore Love is fantastic song that I think music fans will really relate to. A strong, punk song about the love of music.

Fans of bands like Bad Religion, AFI, and Sins will love War Generation. But I think fans of Jon Bunch will also find an attachment to Start Somewhere Never Surrender. A solid punk record with killer melodies and catchy hooks top to bottom. There’s nothing about War Generation to not like.


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