Moving Mountains – Moving Mountains

It’s no secret that I loved Moving Mountains previous album, Waves. Waves captured my attention and made me an instant fan. Listening to Waves transports you to somewhere beautiful that is being torn apart. Beauty, chaos, love, loss, pain, and joy. It was a record that stuck in my spirit.

When the band has mentioned their affinity for The Appleseed Cast, I didn’t get that in their music. But I find it in the band’s new self-titled record. The shift in sound, both stylistically, and just the fact that they went in a completely different direction, remind me of The Appleseed Cast (in a good way).

Moving Mountains is compelling in a very different way from Waves. The intensity and ambience of Waves is gone. And when I hit play and started listening to Moving Mountains, I was a little shocked and disappointed. My disappointment didn’t last long. Moving Mountains is still beautiful. Maybe more conventionally beautiful at points.

Swing Set is an acoustic driven indie song, that instantly caught me off guard. It’s unexpected. But I think the fact that’s it’s a little disarming is to the benefit of the record. All your preconceived notions go right out the window and you begin to put aside your expectations. Burn Pile has a similar melody style to some of the mellower moments on Waves but the composition and instrumentation give it a different vibe.

Seasonal and Hudson both share elements similar to Waves in song structure and Apsides   (which closes the album) has the ambient feel that’s largely absent from this record. Even when you aren’t reminded of Waves, the melodies and choruses are so well done and catchy, that you are lulled into a sense of comfort and enjoyment.

Moving Mountains is one of those bands that a lot of people might not be talking about, but they are releasing some of the strongest music to date. Moving Mountains might not be as compelling or moving  as Waves, but it’s every bit as beautiful. And it’s every bit as good.

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