Eshon Burgandy – For God’s Sake

I’ve been looking forward to new music from Eshon Burgandy ever since Humble Beast announced he was joining the label. Honestly, I get excited for anything Humble Beast releases. And after months of delay, Burgandy’s new mixtape finally hit the internet.

For God’s Sake is excellent. It’s underground with an air of familiarity, which gives the tape an instant connection with hip hop fans. Not only is Burgandy’s flow better than any of the beats originals, but the lyrics are deeper and give these songs the life that they desperately needed. This isn’t just a christian artist ripping off his secular counterparts. This is a mixtape that showcases an artist redeeming songs about drugs, sex, and violence.

And that doesn’t mean For God’s Sake is all rainbows and kittens. Burgandy tackles some tough themes and there’s still pain in his lyrics. But the pain and hurt is balanced with the love and grace of God. It’s a beautiful mixtape of redemption and hope.

The standouts for me on the tape are Lord Knows (Exhibit A), Foolishness (I’m a Fool), Look Back (Hometown), and Push Thru (Push Thru).

You can download For God’s Sake for Free at

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