Brett Detar – Too Free To Live

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three year since Detar’s first solo record, Bird In The Tangle. Bird In The Tangle was a great introduction to the solo world of Brett Detar. It was a nice bluesy country record with great moments of understated beauty.

Too Free To Live is even better than Detar’s debut. Where I thought Bird In The Tangle lacked passion and excitement, Too Free To Live excels.

The album’s title track is an upbeat, bluesy americana song. There’s a joy about the track that Bird In the Tangle didn’t have on any of it’s songs. A Solider’s Burden hits on a deep and painful note. The change in tone between the two songs hits deep. Neither feels out of place or weird, but both do a great job at conveying different emotions. It shows a lot of maturity and growth for Detar. Satan’s Foot On My Neck is a great toe tapping song with a classic feel to it. Losers Baby is a beautifully heartbreaking ballad. Your Heart Grows More Heartless Each Day is a tried and true, classic country song. And Damaged Girl is a dirty southern rock song.

There’s a wider array of styles and variety on Too Free To Live and it helps make the record interesting and compelling. Detar does a great job having the music match the emotion of each and every song. Where Bird In the Tangle was polished and clean, Too Free To Live is raw and gritty. It has soul and heart. It’s country the way it was meant to be heard.

You can pick up Too Free To Live for free at

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