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Dustin Kensrue – The Water and The Blood

I’m excited about any project Dustin Kensrue is a part of. I enjoyed the former Thrice frontman’s ep as The Modern Post (Grace Alone). And I was looking forward to hearing Kensrue’s latest worship offering, The Water and The Blood.

The Water and The Blood is more of a conventional worship record than Grace Alone, but the songs are strong and passionate. Rejoice is a great anthemic declaration that kicks off the record. Rock of Ages is an excellent update on the classic hymn. It’s songs like Suffering Servant, The Voice of the Lord, and It’s Not Enough, the darker toned originals that are the gems on The Water and The Blood. It’s that edge that you’d almost expect from Kensrue and those songs hit hard and cut the soul deeply with ardent conviction.

The Water and the Blood is a great worship record and fans of that genre will love the record. And I think long-time fans of Thrice and Kensrue’s previous work will find something to attach themselves to as well.

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