Beautiful Eulogy – Instruments of Mercy

When I first heard Satellite Kite, I was speechless. It was unlike any hip-hop record I’d ever heard and I (like many others) were instantly obsessed with Beautiful Eulogy. Satellite Kite was the perfect mix of original instrumentation and unique beats combined with honest and heartfelt lyricism. It was lightning in a bottle.

Even with Satellite Kite being perfect, I still had high expectations for Instruments of Mercy. If anyone could catch lightning twice, it would be Beautiful Eulogy.

While Instruments of Mercy won’t be a surprise, it’s every bit as good as Satellite Kite… In fact, it might be better. There are familiar sounds, and stylings between the two records. Some of the more unique sounds and time signatures are missing, but don’t take that to mean that Instruments of Mercy is boring or more mainstream.

Cello From Portland is vastly different from Satellite Kites opener, Hello From Portland, but if you listen to the two side by side, you find a common theme. Vital Lens is a great introduction both musically and lyrically about what Beautiful Eulogy is about. You Can Save Me has a similar tone and vibe that the song Beautiful Eulogy had on Satellite Kite. Instruments of Mercy has a great palm muted acoustic guitar driving the track and giving it an almost rock feel. Symbols and Signs is a great hard hitting track that I could see easily finding it’s way onto mainstream radio. The Size of Grace has a spoken word style chorus that feels familiar to that of Covet (although very different). The instrumentation the moves beautifully under Acquired In Heaven and creates a perfect soundscape to close the record.

Instruments of Mercy is more of a ballady record (if I can say that). Some of the creative fun might be missing but the production is fuller and Urbano has created a beautifully lush soundtrack for Braille and Odd Thomas’ rhymes. While there might be songs I like more of Satellite Kite, the overall record in stronger. The rhymes are tighter. And even though Braille and Odd Thomas have never been shy about their faith, the lyrics really hit harder on Instruments of Mercy. Fans will love Instruments of Mercy. It’s a great hip-hop record, start to finish.

You can download Instruments of Mercy at


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