Five Iron Frenzy – Engine Of A Million Plots

10 years ago Five Iron Frenzy called it a day. Two years ago the band returned. And for two years, myself (and countless others) have been waiting for Engine Of A Million Plots. Each new song released has been a glimmer of the great things I’ve been hoping to hear. Seeing the band was a great experience, and the album is finally here.

With all the expectations and hope I had for Engine Of A Million Plots, I was worried I’d be a little disappointed. But Five Iron Frenzy doesn’t disappoint. In fact, the band has delivered their best record to date. The band picked right up where The End Is Near left off and blows that out of the water. It’s the most mature the band has been musically and lyrically there’s still the balance of hard hitting and biting commentary and spiritual openness.

The lush warmth of the guitar tone that opens up the record on Against A Sea of Troubles is completely new to FIF and the song plays like a ska version of an indie song from 2000. It’s a beautiful rock song and it’s a great reintroduction to the world. It’s different but it’s everything that was great about Five Iron Frenzy. So Far has a great hook and super catchy melodies. Zen and the Art of Xenophobia is a fun FIve Iron Frenzy “punk” song. It’s biting social commentary is what we’ve come to expect from the band and the video for the song is great! Someone Else’s Problem might be the only true “ska” song on the record. A dark, reggae influenced track showcases the band diversity. While Battle Dancing Unicorns With Glitter shows us that Five Iron Frenzy isn’t afraid to still have fun. Into Your Veins is my favorite track on the record. A solid driving song, with a strong hook.

It’s not the Five Iron Frenzy I remember. It’s better. The band has matured and worked hard to deliver a well crafted album that old fans and new ones will find themselves drawn to. EVerything I loved about the band is on Engine Of A Million Plots, and so much more. From top to bottom, the album is strong with no weak tracks or missteps. It’s easily the band’s best work yet. I only hope there’s more to come.

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