Number One Gun – This Is All We Know

Jeff Schneeweis knows how to right a great pop song! From Number One Gun to The Make, and his solo worship project, Jeff’s voice and songwriting ability shines.

When Number One Gun announced their reunion I was both excited and disappointed. Disappointed because I was looking forward to a full-length from The Make. (Which maybe we’ll still get?) When the band released their great single Make A Movie, my expectations were ratcheted up.

This Is All We Know might be Number One Gun’s poppiest record yet. But it’s also their best work yet. Schneeweis has always written great pop songs but the combo of what Schneeweis has been doing outside of Number One Gun shines through creating a great pop record.

It Gets A Little Weird is a killer rock song that kicks off This Is All We Know. Great melody, driving groove, and super catchy. Make This Last Forever is a poppier number. The track is still a rock song but it’s way less in your face than the album opener. And it’s like the record is on a slow descending staircase from rock to super pop. It and Heartbeat are great both anthems! It is almost biting in tone… But it’s still sweet and tender. It’s a balance between edgy and emotional moving.  Heartbeat on the other hand is softer spoken.

Make A Movie was a stellar track on it’s own and in the context of the record works well. It reminds me of something I’ve come to expect from Jimmy Eat World. Life In The Middle is a pseudo ballad. Still upbeat and poppy but in the context of the other songs, it’s ballad esque. Disappear and Perfect Ones bring the rock and roll back. For You is a great rock track with a danceable back beat. Sarah Ann from the Make is featured on the track and I love what her vocals add to the song. Dark has some of the great electronic elements that were on To The Secrets and the Knowledge. I’m On Fire closes the album with the perfect mixture of peace and rest, while managing to find some intensity that makes you want more, in the same way It Gets A Little Weird kicked off the record.

This Is All We Know is perfect… It’s flawless. Number One Gun has outdone anything they’ve ever done before. Every song is intricate with great pop melodies and catchy hooks. 2014 first gem might be standing on top when the year is through. Do not miss out on this record!

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