Kye Kye – Fantasize

I loved Kye Kye’s Young Love. It was a brilliantly simple and understated, hitting on all the right notes.  The honesty and reflective nature of the lyrics helped carry the music, that at times was little more than a lone synth and drum machine creating an easy background for Olga’s whispering vocals.

The first single from Fantasize was Honest Affection. And honestly… It didn’t work for me the first time through. It took several listens of the track before I fell head over heels in love with the track. Which made me wonder how I’d feel about Fantasize as a whole. Was it going to take me weeks to enjoy the record? Would it be more of an instantaneous hit now that I’ve come around to what I might be hearing more of?

On my first listen through Fantasize, I thought Kye Kye did a great job. It was a fun, 80’s inspired record with some killer tracks. But the more I’ve listened to it, the less impressed I’ve been. Don’t get me wrong, the record is enjoyable and fun. And the 80’s inspired dance tracks are great.

But the charm from Young Love is missing. There are moments that feel similar (Glass, Scared of Selfish, Dreams 2AM) but the lack a sense of innocence and vulnerability that made Young Love so appealing.

Honest Affection is the standout track on the record, in my opinion. Lush enough to create a beautiful layer underneath Olga’s vocals. The’s synth is driving the track but it’s not pushing the song into a hole it doesn’t fit.

People, Seasons, and Her, like Honest Affection, are these upbeat songs that carry a stronger 80’s vibe. Softly isn’t upbeat, but the guitar riff has 1980’s something written all over it.

Fantasize is beautiful and well crafted. Kye Kye has gotten better as a band. And I know it’s unfair to try and hold their new work to the previous work. But it’s hard not to…

Fantasize is great… I just didn’t click with it the same way I did Young Love.

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