Copperlily – Love Is A Legend

Country/folk music is in right now. And everyone’s side project leans that way. So naturally Tim Skipper’s (House of Heroes) side project with his wife would be a country/folk album.

Not that I’m complaining… The debut ep from Copperlily is a beautiful reflection of the newlyweds love for each other and is great look at the stages of a relationship.

Map To Your Heart is a great song about the chase and pursuing the one you love. Color In You is about falling in love. Broken World sounds a little more Norah Jones than it does country (which I love) and it works. The song is about moving past previous hurts and wounds to let new love in. A Lot To Learn is about that… No matter the best intentions, there’s always something new to learn about the person you’re in love with. Tell Me is just a great great love song! The title track closes the ep, and Love Is A Legend is about how love is the ultimate legacy.

It’s a bit sappy, but it works. Love Is A Legend is a great ep, full of honest and what feel like very personal love songs. I hope there’s more to come from Copperlily.


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