Saving Grace – The Urgency

Hardcore is back!

After a super impressive debut and a follow-up that didn’t do a whole lot for me (The King Is Coming), I wasn’t sure what we’d get from Saving Grace on The Urgency. What we got is the band’s best record yet.

The Urgency is Saving Grace at it’s most vicious. The album is raw and the title of the record gives you a sense of what is to come musically. The Urgency feels like the message Saving Grace wants to relay is urgent.

Where Unbreakable, and especially, The King Is Coming seemed to hold this deathcore influence in their brand of hardcore, The Urgency drops most of that. It’s a rawer album than the band’s previous two efforts. Yes, things like the blast beats on +0 seem over the top, it doesn’t bug me.

Like A Trainwreck is just a stellar hardcore track. It has the same intensity fans got from Seventh Star. From top to bottom, The Urgency is unrelenting and hits hard. It’s “tough guy” hardcore at it’s finest.

Saving Grace has always delivered hard hitting records, but The Urgency takes it up another notch. Well done!

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