Ambassadors of Shalom – Abdicate Self

A little rock and roll inspired oi punk rock. That’s what Ambassadors of Shalom delivers on their Thumper Punk Records debut, Abdicate Self.

Abdicate Self is one of my favorite releases from Thumper Punk. It has all the fun of pop punk but the rock/oi influence keeps the record from feeling like you’re listening to a pop punk record you’ve heard a million times.

Astray opens the record and it’s a fun rock and roll song. Uptempo, get you moving in the pit song. This Ain’t Home has a little more “punk rock” vibe to it. United We Stand has a great sing-a-long hook. Death By Love is a hard hitting track with a subtle reggae influence that adds a layer of depth to the song. Victory is a joyous and declarative happy song.

Ambassadors of Shalom have delivered an enjoyable record. From top to bottom Abdicate Self is hard hitting and enjoyable. Fans of Bad Religion and later career Ghoti Hook will find something to love on Abdicate Self. Punk doesn’t have to be “pop” to be fun and upbeat!

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