The Overseer – Rest And Let Go

I loved The Overseer’s debut, We Search We Dig.  It was a perfect post hardcore soundtrack. So I always get nervous about the follow-up to an album I love. What does the band do next? Do they build on the foundation they laid? Or do they tear it down and start over to deliver something new and unexpected?

Rest And Let Go dives further into the sound on We Search We Dig and improves upon it. At times the album is sinister and dark, yet there’s a switch and you’d swear Freddie Mercury had taken over duties as the frontman, only briefly, only to get thrown around in a whirlwind of sound and brutality moments later. There are beautifully melodic moments that showcase a range, musically and emotionally.

Fragile Wings opens the record ferociously. A lot like We Search We Dig, it has similarities to what Underoath was trying to accomplish on Disambiguation, only The Overseer does a better job at pulling it off. Tense, ambient, restrained verses before the chorus hits with the intensity of an angry dog. The tension betweens the verse and chorus creates this beautiful balance. Paper Thin Houses hits with more punk intensity.

The Structure/TheFoundation is a beautiful song. There’s no interplay between heavy and ambient. No tension. Just a beautiful song. For those worried that there may be a lack of “heaviness” need not worry. Finer Fiend’s opening riff is nice and pounding, while the lead line creates a contrasting balance, necessary for what The Overseer is accomplishing. Finer Fiend is where we find the ghost of Freddie Mercury poking his head in. The song never loses it’s edge, but has a great ebb and flow. The counter play on Rest And Let Go is the best I’ve heard in years.

Deluded is another valley. A slow building, minimal track that plays with some interesting tones and sounds, all the while slowly coming to a false crescendo. Uprooted might the heaviest track on the record. Not the most intense, but the guitar riff is sludgy and dirty.

Rest And Let Go is my favorite record Solid State has released since We Search We Dig. From start to finish it’s an interesting record, sonically and lyrically. The Overseer should be proud.

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