LIV – Be The Change

In the same way Thumper Punk Records is a beacon for creativity and originality in the punk rock scene, I imagine their new sister label, On The Attack Records, becoming a hotspot for fresh, raw talent in the hardcore scene.

LIV’s Be The Change is the labels second release.

LIV is one third One 21, one third Focused, and one third No Innocent Victim. It’s pure punk furry, and vocalist Matthew Salamante reminds me of Tim Mann from Focused. Be The Change is old school hardcore at it’s finest. No gimmicks, nothing cheap. Just raw energy. 

The bass line that opens up the album on Livin’ In Victory instantly reminds me of NIV. And when the song drops the energy coming through the speakers is infectious. Make Moves is where you hear the punk rock One 21 influence. The intensity on A Standard Issue reminds me of the mid 90’s spirit filled scene and the heart that came through on those records. You can hear it in LIV. The album’s title track is a great hardcore anthem. Maybe not a modern day My Beliefs, but to a lesser extent Be The Change is the same kind of song. 

Old school hardcore fans who are looking for something new to fuel their nostalgia will find something to about Be The Change. I could see big things in LIV’s future. Passion and intensity with integrity behind the message. It’s what hardcore is supposed to be.

Be The Change hits stores on April 24th. You can stream the album’s title track below.

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