Ethan Luck – Hard Seas

Ethan Luck’s been busy. In between all his work on the road as a tech for Kings of Leon, Luck has found a way to pretty steadily release a stream of EPs. Following Wounds & Fears and Greetings From the Garage (Luck’s cover EP), Luck has released Hard Seas, an EP of songs about his struggle with anxiety. (You can read about the EP here)

As much as I’ve enjoyed Luck’s work up to this point, Hard Seas is my favorite of the three EPs. Less on the country western vibe (although it’s still there) and more on the punk/Social Distortion vibe.

The opening track, At Least I’m Yours, is an upbeat punk influenced tune with a positive spin. It’s Luck feeling grateful for his wife (possibly God, who knows). That in the midst of chaos and anxiety, he has a rock that’s standing beside him. It’s a great track. Can’t Sleep Sound is more biting and bitter in tone. A mix of punk fury, country twang, and some spanish guitar flair, all mixed with Luck sounding more pained than I’ve ever heard him sing before. When I Let You Down is the true country song on the album. Acoustic guitar with the driving country rhythm on the snare drum creating a classic country sound. The intro to Crooks and Kings is a little weird, as it sounds like Luck is having trouble picking up the rhythm of the guitar strum for the song, but by the time the verse hits, the song is beautiful. Just a great ballad. Very Social D. Set Free is almost this cry for help. The desire to put the anxiety and pain behind him. A sense of hurt and pain but you can feel hope in the chorus.

Another great EP from Ethan Luck. I’m sure this won’t be the last.

You can download Hard Seas at

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