No Punk Influences – Fight Within

Old school punk seems to be on the rise. No Punk Influences is old school. Bring to mind bands like The Crucified (when they were punk), Officer Negative, and Bad Brains, Fight Within will get your blood pumping and your mosh pit rocking.

The raw grit in the record only adds to the old school feel of the record. More Than Conquerors starts with the band introducing themselves before inciting a mass riot in the pit. If that didn’t get things rocking, One By One picks up the pace just slightly for full on circle pit action. Evil Dead changes rhythm without losing speed. But it’s not just fast, gritty punk. No Punk Influences has created a soundtrack that at any moment you can leave the pit, work your way to the front of the stage and sing-a-long. The chorus to Evil Dead is super catchy, and the hook of yelling “smash” on Smash Hit is sure to be a fan favorite. Pull Us Through includes a dancey breakdown, that adds a fun elements.

Fight Within is fun. It’s great old school punk. But it’s not just shallow, fun punk. The heart and message in the lyrics also remind me of the Crucified and Officer Negative. That sold out, Christ centered message, delivered with honest aggression.

No Punk Influences is instantly one of my favorite bands on Thumper Punk Records. Fight Within isn’t flashy, but it’s punk. And it has everything that got me in to punk in the first place. Moshy, catchy, fast. A great debut!

You can pick up Fight Within at

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Missing the Officer Negative punk days.


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