Judgement Day Joins On The Attack Records; Releases Free EP Download

OnTheAttack Records is pleased to announce that American Straight Edge band Judgement Day from Orange County, California, has joined its family of bands. Heavy hardcore forged with brutally honest lyrics about living life with integrity.  Judgement Day unleashes a furious musical hammerstorm to wake up the listener to issues of the working class, human dignity and the plight of the oppressed.  Unafraid.  Unashamed.  Steadfast strong.  

Judgement Day features Levi-vocals, Brandon-guitar, Michael-guitar, Travis-bass, and Joe-drums.  The band will be heading to the studio in October to record its first full length album for release on OnTheAttack Records.
Judgement Day – American Straight Edge.  American Hardcore.
Download a free copy of the band’s self-titled debut EP at:  http://ontheattackrecords.bandcamp.com/album/judgement-day

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