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Artifex Pereo – Time In Place

Familiarity. There’s something about music that automatically feels like you have a connection to it.

I’m not sure Time In Place is instantly one of those records. While comparisons to Sullivan and Secret and Whisper come to mind, I wasn’t instantly drawn to Time In Place on my first listen through. There were moments I thought “ok, I get it”, but mostly, I was sadly underwhelmed and a little bored. Which seems silly to say. The riffs are technical and interesting and Artifex Pereo has a knack for changing time signatures on a dime, keeping the listener on their toes. But I wasn’t impressed.

The familiarity of Time In Place came with time. Listen after listen I felt myself growing more and more fond of Artifex Pereo. Songs like Liable For Tragedy, Weep and You Weep Alone, and Overview, which feel like they’d fit just as easily in My Epic’s catalog. The rest of the record has a great post hardcore, “emo” vibe that is both fresh and nostalgic. Time In Place is far from boring. And I’m not sure why it took a couple of listens for me to really connect with the record.

Artifex Pereo is a great addition to the Tooth and Nail roster. Time In Place is the perfect mix of a fresh new perspective on a genre long since beaten down, while still feeling like a nostalgic hit that you need from time to time.


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