True Liberty – Give Me True Liberty Or Give Me Death

I loved True Liberty’s Marked For Life. It was a hard hitting punk record that touched on classic east coast hardcore punk to California cool punk (Social D, Face to Face).

Me Me True Liberty Or Give Me Death only features three new tracks. And they’re fantastic! Loud and Proud is old school punk through and through. Unite will get the circle pit going. Fast and energetic, it’s a great punk anthem. Standing Tall is laid back and brings in that California cool. In three songs True Liberty is able to cover the spectrum of what they do and they do it well. It leaves you wanting more.

But Give Me True Liberty doesn’t end with the three new tracks. The rest of the album is a live record. The live recording starts with a cover of the folk classic God’s Gonna Cut You Down. The covers are my favorite part of the live section. Johnny B. Good is well done and that goes right into Social D’s Ball and Chain. True Liberty’s energy is not lacking on their records but you get a great feel on the live recordings. You can compare the energy between the studio and live versions of Unite. Both are hard hitting but you can hear the raw fury on the live version.

True Liberty’s range and energy make them one of my favorite band’s on Thumper Punk’s roster (Do I say this with each Thumper Punk release?). Give Me True Liberty Or Give Me Death is a great teaser for what’s to come from True Liberty. I hope there’s a new record soon!

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