Wolves At The Gate – VxV

I love Wolves At The Gate! From their debut ep, to Captors, to the Back to School cover ep, everything the band has done has worked for me. Some bands are just solid.

VxV is the band’s first album of original material with new vocalist Nick Detty. VxV is also the band’s best material to date. By a large margin!

The songs are heavier and Detty’s vocals add a layer of aggression that hasn’t been in WATG’s music before. At the same, the melodies are stronger and with the added heaviness to the music, the melodies pop more. Lyrically, it’s some of the band’s most inspiring material. It might not be complex or deep, but the context of the songs is rich and purposed.

Songs like Dust to Dust, Relief, Rest, and Majesty in Misery showcase all these elements beautifully. Great melodies with strong hooks that find their way into your head, lyrics that touch the soul, all the while hitting with a driving heaviness. Tracks like Wake Up, Wild Heart, and The Convicted all have more of a hardcore base. Fans of Close Your Eyes will love these songs. Great gang sing-a-longs.

Wolves At The Gate is one of those bands that I don’t understand why they aren’t huge! VxV is the perfect metal core record!

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