Lecrae – Anomaly

How do you follow-up a masterpiece? That’s what Lecrae is attempting to do on Anomaly. While Gravity might have been a stepping stone to bigger and better things for Lecrae (and not gotten nearly the attention it should’ve!), in my opinion the record was a true piece of art with no flaws.

Honestly, Anomaly didn’t grab me the same way that Gravity did. Gravity came out the box swinging with a vengeance. Don’t get me wrong, I love the first couple of tracks on Anomaly, but they didn’t come out as “powerful” as the first track on Gravity, and I wondered if Lecrae was going to deliver a record that would be strong and as compelling top to bottom as Gravity.

Where I felt like Gravity was addressing cultural and was in album that was about affecting change in the world and being honest with ourselves and who we are, Anomaly feels more like a personal record. Songs of struggles and past failures work as a platform that gives Lecrae more credibility to speak on the cultural issues he brought up on Gravity.

The bulk of the album is just Lecrae, deciding to take on most of the vocal duties instead of filling the record up with guest features. Anomaly is Lecrae’s space to shine and make his voice heard. The lone verse feature is Andy Mineo, who lends his talents to Say I Won’t. Crystal Nicole, For King and Country add their vocals to hooks on Give In and Messengers, but it’s Kari Jobe’s angelic voice that sings the hook on Broken that is the shining feature on Anomaly. It’s one of the best moments of the record.

On Outsider, Lecrae seems to realize his place on the outside looking in as a Christian. America is one of the cultural songs on Anomaly, taking on the idea of America the great. The lyrics are biting and powerful. Dirty Water calls for christians to do a better job taking care of those around them, where they live. Good, Bad, Ugly is an emotional song where Lecrae talks about pressuring a former girlfriend to get an abortion and his feelings post decision. It’s that real talk where Lecrae’s credibility is built.

Whatever praise and recognition Anomaly gets, Lecrae deserves it. The lyrically honesty, and desire to see a difference made in the world is evident in each and every song. Lecrae is the real deal! 5 out of 5 Stars!

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