Bethan – Time Gone By

Since this record ranked in my top 30 of 2014, it’ll come as no surprise that I loved Bethan’s sophomore release, Time Gone By. But I’m going to say a couple of words about the record anyway.

A mixture of Richard Swift’s 20’s/40’s laced nostalgia, Map’s ability to craft compelling pop songs, and Kissing Cousins’ slight quirkiness. That’s what Time Gone By offers. All of those things in varying doses and to different degrees, but long time fans of Velvet Blue Music should be drawn to Bethan. The difference from Chapter 1 is noticeable and vast. In a good way!

Songs like Low Expectations, Beside Me, Out West, and Greedy Songbird jump out of your speakers. None are indie pop hits in the traditional sense, but each offering a unique expression and stylistic impression of an era gone by. The more introspective moments, In Our Paris, Honeymoon, We Are All Expiring, Don’t Be Afraid To Lie To Yourself, all play like moments torn out of a diary and shared. There’s a painful beauty in Time Gone By that can only be experienced.

Time Gone By is one of those records that reminds you how special an artist is and rekindles your love for depth and intricate layers in a “pop” record. Obviously, 5 out of 5 Stars.

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