A Common Goal/False Idle – Split Decision

I’ve always loved the split ep. A quick glimpse at new music from two bands. Potentially the discovery of two new acts. Or when established bands do a split with a newer, lesser known act (the Stavesacre/Denison Marrs split comes to mind). And always a chance for bands to covering each other. As a fan of both of these bands already, False Idle and A Common Goal’s new split gives me two out of the three things I love about split eps.

I’ve previously described A Common Goal as blue collar punk rock. A band that’s definitely a Boston band! The band’s two new songs on the ep are less intense than some of the band’s previous work. It’s that laid back California cool, Social Distortion thing that ACG does so well. Nowhere Fast and Tow Steps Behind have an almost worn down feel. That life (and punk) isn’t just about blazing a trail forward as fast as possible. The band’s cover of False Idle’s Where Do We Go is a great blend of homage to the original, while making it their own song.

Coming off of an acoustic ep for the band and their frontman, seeing False Idle hit hard and fast on this ep will give fans a reason to smile and breathe deep. The firebrand punk rock False Idle has delivered before isn’t going anywhere. First World Last Place is punk rock in sound and lyrics. Political, meaningful, socially aware. It’s a great song! Say Goodbye comes out even faster before settling into a great melody. False Idle’s cover of The Calvary takes an already great songs, ramps up the intensity and takes the track to a new level!

The spilt ep is great for fans of both bands, those looking for an introduction to the two bands, or someone who just needs some new punk rock in their stereo. I’m looking forward to more new music from both of these bands. 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

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