The Lonely Revolts – Broken Bones, Burning Hearts

It doesn’t seem to matter how old I get, I am drawn to gritty punk that makes you want to dance and mosh. There’s that part of me that always returns to junior high and high school. Watching skate and snowboard videos, listening to Screaming Giant Records. Nothing else mattered but punk rock and skateboarding!

Broken Bones, Burning Hearts is an album full of songs that are raw and passionate. Instantly I wanted to get up and move around. You can just imagine the fun you would have seeing The Lonely Revolts live. It’s get up and move around punk. Its’t the type of album that drew me to the genre in the first place. Intense, with a message, but remembering that punk rock is also fun!

There’s something about the vocals on Extra Extra, the album’s opener, that reminds me of Lemmy from Motorhead. Scum of the Earth is a social/political/theological take down song that makes for good punk rock. The system must be challenged! White Flags isn’t a ska song, but it has that skanking beat that makes you want to dance. Open Graves, Chariots of Fire, Dead For You, Check Your Pulse, are all circle pit and mosh pit songs. Songs that get you up and moving.

There are a handful of sing-a-long moments, but Broke Bones, Burning Hearts is more about getting people up and moving more than having them sing-a-long. The production feels like the band recorded everything in one take, playing together in the same room. It’s old school!

The Lonely Revolts have released a punk rock gem. It might not come with a lot of accolades or acknowledgement, but this is punk for the true punk rock fan!

4 out of 5 Stars

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