Dwell Joins Blood and Ink Records

                                                DWELL JOINS BLOOD & INK RECORDS
                                      FFO: TURMOIL, BURIED ALIVE, REIGN SUPREME

DWELL officially formed in 2014 in Kernersville, NC, featuring its current lineup of Jacob (vocals), Isaac (Drums), Ian (Guitar), Ryan (Bass) and Jeremy (Guitar). But their history is much deeper… Ian and Isaac are twin brothers and they are longtime friends with Jeremy, Jacob and Ryan; playing together in a handful of local hardcore bands.
DWELL quickly grabbed the attention of Blood & Ink Records with their intense, chaotic live show and unique take on ’90s style metallic hardcore. Their debut, self-titled EP, mastered by Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me) and with guest vocals by Joe Musten (Advent, Beloved), is made up of five heavy-hitting songs that you won’t want to pass up. DWELL are sure to make waves in the coming year.

DWELL will release their debut selt-titled EP on March 10th via
Blood & Ink RecordsPre-orders are now available from the label’s website.  Limited edition tapes of the EP will be available along with CD/Digital and shirt combos.

Stream “Voyage”, the first song from the Dwell EP. Dwell will be released onMarch 10th via Blood & Ink Records.


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