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Judgement Day – The Altar EP

Let’s just be honest. It’s 2015. No one is really going to be breaking any new ground in the hardcore or metal genres. What’s done is done. It’s either good music, or it’s not. Judgement Day’s debut ep The Altar, is good!

In the simplest of of descriptions, The Altar is what I imagine Pantera would have sounded like if they were a brutal hardcore band. The Altar features some great guest appearances including the frontmen from Messengers, World Of Pain, and Bleeding Through. Each guest vocal adding a different depth and color to the songs that make each and every track on this all too short ep very interesting and different from each other.

Ago of Innocence’s is a blistering opener for the ep. Chad from Messenger’s vocals add a nice low guttural tone to Godfather’s almost sing-songy yell. The hook on Seek feels like a classic Seventh Star chorus. Easy to sing and a song that would make it a great crowd song live. Vision of a Sanctuary simultaneously combines one of the most brutal breakdowns you’ll ever hear with an angelic like vocal that creates a dynamic I don’t think I’ve ever heard before. Rise is a pure circle pit song. Fast, short, and to the point. Get the crowd up and moving! The title track is the most metal song on the album (which makes sense since it features Brandan from Bleeding Through).

It’s an ep that I wish was a full-legnth. Is there a better compliment than that? I just wanted more. I can’t wait for more music from Judgement Day. 4.5 out of 5 Stars.


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