Soft Lions Sign with Velvet Blue Music

When I spoke with Jeff Cloud in February, he said he had big news in the works for Velvet Blue Music in 2015. Well the first of those announcements was made late last week when the label announced the signing of Soft Lions.

Their label debut, Spellbreaker, will be out on July 7th. (Available on cd, mp3, and vinyl). Below is the band’s bio and their video for the song Soft As Lions.

“Every Soft Lions song is basically born out of my diary”, states Megan Liscomb, the shy, rainbow-haired singer / guitarist of the San Diego trio Soft Lions.  Liscomb’s songs evoke heartfelt memories, distilling in them a wide range of emotional states and colors.  To make the music come to life she sought out Lex Pratt to help with vocal duties.  Pratt replaces the traditional bass player with her percussive, psychedelic style on keys.  Jon Bonser serves as the backbone on drums.
The band crafts songs that are a blur of decades, mixing the sound of 60’s San Francisco pop with noisy garage-guitar driven tracks, lending the songs a definitive west coast vibe.  Liscomb’s songwriting is angular and interesting without losing any of the big sing-along melodies you want to hear.  Soft Lions have cut their teeth like any new band should : by playing a bunch of local shows and sharing the stage with numerous national acts.  They also made an appearance at this years’s SXSW festival.
On their new EP Spellbreaker, Soft Lions dive into dark, confessional material.  The high spirited title track as well as ‘Waitress’ showcase the band’s gritty rock potential.  The EP concludes with the ultra-tender ‘Phantom,’ a ballad about coming to grips with one’s past.  When Liscomb’s wounds are healed so are ours.  The overall sound of Spellbreaker draws on a broad range of inspirations, including retro surf licks, Sonic Youth records, and the vintage film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, creating a moody, groovy atmosphere.  The 4 tracks function as a narrative that looks back on the loss of adolescence and realizes how the end of destructive relationships can lead to the beginning of a new, happier life.  In just 16 minutes, Soft Lions prove they are deserving of attention.  We hope you’ll agree !

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