Lexi Elisha – Drowning In Love

After a pop/country ep (Eventually), Lexi Elisha released Rope. A mature, almost adult contemporary ep that I enjoyed. It had seemed that Elisha was turning a musical corner and heading a different direction musically. But if pop music is in your blood, it’s in your blood.

Gone is the almost Taylor Swift pop-country flair that dotted Eventually. And Lexi brings that maturity from Rope into her pop oriented stylings on Drowning In Love.

Atmosphere seems like the obvious choice for the ep’s first single. A super catchy hook that’s easy and light. There’s nothing to forceful of demanding about Atmosphere. It’s an inviting song that could work both on christian and mainstream radio fluidly. The title track is my least favorite song on this ep. There’s nothing wrong with the song at all and I like it. But it just doesn’t jump out of the speakers as anything that’s really attention grabbing.

Elisha’s singer-songwriter/country side showcases itself on Wait. With a drum track ripped from a Johnny Cash song, replicated by a drum machine, it’s a nice take on pop music influenced by country music without ever feeling like a country song. There’s also a tinge of pain on the bridge of the song. It’s a subtle hint of emotion that’s easy to miss, but it helps build a connection between artist and listener. Vanity is a heartfelt, beautiful ballad. The only one on the ep. The subtle guitar in the background of the tracks gives me faint reminders of the guitar on Taylor Swift’s Style. In fact if you listen to the songs back to back you find something very familiar between the two songs. Each distinctly different, but familiar. In the same way, there’s something familiar and comforting about the power pop closer Wayside. There’s a fierceness to the song, that, as much as I love Gold, Britt Nicole never came close to having. There’s a commanding presence on the track that I feel makes Lexi Elisha a force to be reckoned with.

Drowning In Love is a great little ep! As much as I loved the stylistic change on Rope, Lexi is one of those fresh pop voices that we need. 4 out of 5 Stars.

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