Fireflight – Innova

Firefight is one of those bands that I probably shouldn’t like, but for some reason their music has always found a place in my collection.

With vocalist Dawn Michele welcoming a new baby into the world the band delayed the released of their crowd funded Innova. So there’s been a little but of anticipation with the record finally hitting shelves.

Most of the time you know what you’re going to get with a hard rock band. And that’s fine. But Fireflight flipped the script on Innova and this might be a record that long time fans aren’t fond of. Ivvova is more of a pop/dance record than it is a hard rock album. But it’s a really well done. It’s kind of incredible the creative forces that break through when bands leave their labels and the pressure that comes with needing to move units and create a record that fans have already bought into.

From the moment you hit play you notice a change. Keep Fighting doesn’t instantly hit you with much difference. A light ambient synth layer and Michele’s vocals. But when the hook is dropped, the tone of the song changes. The beat and inflection has that dance groove and the autotune on Damn Michele’s vocals will almost make you spit take. It takes you off guard but by the second time you hear the chorus you’re sold! It feels like a radio hit. Where I think Keep Fighting could be a hit, I know Lightning has radioplay written all over it. Very Ellie Goulding in sound. It’s hard to believe that the same band that wrote For Those Who Wait wrote Lightning as well. I’ve Got the Power is another super charged dance pop track.

Here and Now is something a bit more familiar for Fireflight; a big arena rock style ballad. While they’re usually my least favorite part of any hard rock record, I really like Here and Now. Safety features Stephen Christian (Anberlin). Resuscitate is the dance/electro version of the Fireflight ballad. Fallout sounds more like Fireflight, but the band is committed to the electro-pop sound and it keeps the song from ever exploding as you’d expect. This Is Our Time is a straight up pop ballad!

Innova is one of those records that I hope finds its way into the right hands. Because Fireflight has released a pop record that could very easily shoot them into the national spotlight. There are singles galore on Innova and if given the right attention, Fireflight could find themselves among pop musics biggest stars. 5 out of 5 Stars!


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