Strengthen What Remains – Justice Creeps Slow

The most brutal record in christian hardcore, in my opinion, is Point of Recognition’s swan song, Day of Defeat. As the highest compliment, Justice Creeps Slow is on the same level! That ferocity, aggression, and heaviness that made Day of Defeat so brutal, runs through Justice Creeps Slow. I loved Turning A Blind Eye, and even said that Strengthen What Remains reminded me of Point of Recognition. But Justice Creeps Slow smashes Turning A Blind Eye to pieces with it’s absolute assault!

The songs on Justice Creeps Slow are sludgey and biting. Even lyrically, Strengthen What Remains isn’t pulling any punches. Songs like Rewriting The Past, On the Subject of Race, and Moral Majority are hard hitting social commentaries. This is hardcore/punk rock to it’s roots!

Just Creeps Slow is hardcore perfection. Brutal, heavy, driving, socially aware, and taking a stand! Strengthen What Remains keeps getting better! 5 out of 5 Stars!

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