Zao – Xenophobe/Fear Itself 7″

The legendary Zao returns with a brand new 7″, their first new music since 2009. And it’s just a brief glimpse into what the band will be delivering with a new full-length later this year or early next year. When that new music comes out doesn’t matter. Because based off the two tracks the band just released, it’s going to be amazing!

The raw grittiness from The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here is back! Zao has given fans some of their most chaotic work ever.

Xenophobe is blistering and maddening. Scott’s guitar work has never sounded better or less like music. It’s a brilliant juxtaposition. The fever pitch at which Jeff plays the drums comes across as mind blowing as it looks like at times when you watch him play. Dan’s vocal come growling in. The tracks breaks from the chaos into one of the most beautiful instrumental sections I’ve ever head from Zao. Lyrically, Xenophobe is exactly as the name suggest. The last line of the song, “It must be hell to live in fear” sums of the track perfectly.

Fear Itself seems to be a track that, as Dan as done previously, talks about his struggle with anxiety attacks. There’s less chaos happening musically, as Dan’s vocals and lyrics provide the madness. There’s a crazy guitar solo happening in the middle of track that almost matches Dan’s scream, and it’s perfect!

If we’re getting more of this from Zao later this year or next year, or even the year after that, the wait will be well worth it! The band that influenced hundreds of young metalcore bands still shines and continues to reinvent and outdo themselves. Xenophobe is brilliant! 5 out of 5 Stars!

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