Owl City – Mobile Orchestra

I’ve always appreciated Owl City. Finding mainstream success while writing songs that both musically and lyrically are uncompromising and creative. Maybe that’s what has made Adam Young so successful.

Mobile Orchestra might be Young’s most outspoken record as far as professing christian lyrics. Sure, there have been songs on previous albums, but nothing like the tracks on Mobile Orchestra. Songs like My Everything, Can’t Live Without You, and Not Alone are some of the most unashamed christian songs I’ve heard from Young (on Owl City records). And it’s not like he’s made his faith a secret. And it doesn’t affect how I feel about the music one way or another.

Mobile Orchestra is full of pop hits and collaborations. From working with Carly Rae Jepsen to Mark Hoppus, Young works with who he wants. The record’s first two singles, Verge and Unbelievable, feature guests. Verge features soul artist Aloe Blacc (Wake Me Up) and Unbelievable features Hanson. Unbelievable has all the same pop hit qualities that Good Times had. A nostalgic song remembering the 90’s is a perfect later summer smash! If anyone’s paying attention to my review, Thunderstruck should be the records third single. Sarah Russell’s vocals on the pre-chorus are perfect. And the hook is one of the catchiest on the record.

Bird With a Broken is classic Owl City! Back Home is easily the weirdest song I’ve ever heard from Adam Young. The song, featuring Jake Owens, is a country song. It’s not my favorite Owl City song, but I appreciate that Young is not afraid to mix things up and put out whatever he wants! While This Isn’t the End isn’t a new song, it’s the perfect closer for the record.

I’ll admit, Mobile Orchestra isn’t my favorite Owl City record. And that’s only because I love All Things Bright and Beautiful that much! But Mobile Orchestra is a great record! All Adam Young does is release great pop music! And Mobile Orchestra is no different. 5 out of 5 Stars.

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