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xDefiantx – Fourth Plague

I love pure hardcore. That 90’s sound. Big, ballsy, tough. No frills, just the facts. All the bands might sound the same or similar but I don’t care. There’s something pure about it that rings true to my ears.

That’s what xDefiantx delivers. And I wouldn’t expect anything different from a straightedge band offering the x before and after their name. Fourth Plague is raw and heavy. It’s hardcore down to the root of the word. everything we know the genre to be.

The breakdown heaviness of the intro is a little excessive in my opinion. But My Only Regrets puts that behind rather quickly and you can just envision the crowd opening up and a dance pit forming. From there, Fourth Plague is a big mosh friendly hardcore record. I’ll Never Go Back is a fast paced punk song. Out of Line is full the thrash metal vibes. The melodic notes on the guitar riff during Swarm gives the band some variety and flavor.

The songs are fast and heavy and if you like hardcore, you can put the record on and enjoy it. I did! The downfall might be that’s it’s just a hard genre to stand out in. And being really good is sometimes just good enough. It’s an excellent debut, I’m excited to see where xDefiantx goes if they keep it up! They’re a hardcore band with tons of promise and Fourth Plague is a great way to kick off their career. 4 out of 5 Stars.


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