For All Eternity – Metanoia

I’m going to be honest; there’s not much about For All Eternity’s Metanoia that’s breaking new ground. It’s metalcore in a genre that’s full of bands indistinguishable from each other. But if you like the genre, you’ll probably dig For All Eternity. And I’m not trying to be disparaging of the band. Because there are moments I really like what For All Eternity is doing on Metanoia.

I’ll also say up front that, not as a rule but a preference, I don’t love clean vocals. Yes, it’s grown on me over the years and some bands pull them off really well, but I still don’t love. And if I needed an example of where the clean vocals don’t do anything for me, it could be Metanoia. Michael Buckley’s clean vocals are the perfect example of what has become so generic and stale about metalcore. The high-pitched, slightly “whiny” sounding clean singing that you’ve heard more than once if you’ve listened to metalcore at all in the last 5 years.

What works in Metanoia’s favor is how heavy it is. Shane Carroll’s vocals are monstrous and commanding. The album’s intro, Remove the Pulse, had me hooked almost instantly. Break the Dawn is fantastic! The clean vocals are super jarring to my ears the first time they come in, but they slowly grow on you.

But if I’m being honest, the record doesn’t have much variation from there. Every song sounds pretty similar to the last. That’s not meant to be disparaging. Like I’ve said from the outset, For All Eternity isn’t breaking new ground. And each song, while having their subtle differences, are essentially, more or less the same. But if you like the genre, you’ll enjoy the record. There was never a point where I turned off Metanoia and at times I was enjoying the record. For All Eternity is a solid band and there’s no shame in that. I just didn’t Metanoia mind-blowing. 3 out of 5 Stars.

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