Better Off – Milk

While the emo revival seems to be hitting a fever pitch, Better Off looks like the seasoned vet compared to some of their nostalgic peers. Alright, maybe not completely. Yet even as emo centric as Better of is, at times it seems like Milk is veering more into my alternative rock territory.

There are some big bombastic guitar tones on the record that remind me of the early to mid-90’s alternative bands. With a healthy dose of 90’s mid-west emo. Empty Handed’s opening riff is huge and a stellar intro to the record. But the song mellows out when the verse hits. That opening riff reappears on the hook of the song but sounds less ballsy when sung over. Dresser Drawer feels like a song ripped from Clarity, which I LOVE! Keeping with the Jimmy Eat World theme, the intro to Suicide Island sounds more like something off Bleed American but that quickly disappears as the bands veers into a more punk sounding track.This Day WIll Never End and Unhappy are both pure emo bliss! You’re Alright, again, sounds like it’s been inspired by Jimmy Eat World. Which if you have to choose a band to look up, Jimmy Eat World is a damn good one!

The Interlude (that’s what the songs called) sounds like some good old fashioned rock and roll! Even the Foo Fighters couldn’t do it this well! It’s a short track but it kicks into Whatever I Don’t Care, which feels more like 90’s alternative rock than emo. Bella Disorder feels like it’s inspired by Pedro the Lion in all the best ways! Like straight off of Control! Dark and haunting. The lyrics are dark in a way different way from Control, and the music is still heavier and nothing like Pedro the Lion, even though I hear that influence. Spinning sounds like the greatest song The Promise Ring forgot the write. Mary Chains kicks it back to the post-alternative sound. The record ends with Myself In A Pill, another song that puts The Promise Ring to shame.

I hate to like a record or band because it sounds like bands I already like, but Better Off manages to remind me of Jimmy Eat World, The Promise Ring, Smashing Pumpkins, and Pedro the Lion, all on the same record, and it never sounds like a different band is performing the songs. What’s not love! 5 out of 5 Stars!

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