Five Iron Frenzy – Between Pavement and Stars

Getting a new Five Iron Frenzy album in 2013 was magical. And it sounds like the band is working on another full-length record for us. And I’m super stoked that to hold us over Five Iron Frenzy has given us an ep of B-sides from Engine Of A Million Plots.

If you liked Engine Of A Pillion Plots, you’ll like Between Pavement and Stars. Honestly, if you like Five Iron Frenzy you’ll love this ep. Because let’s be honest; the band has never been better.

Boomerang and God Hates Flags (years best song title) both sound like they could’ve easily been a part of Engine Of A Million Plots and I wonder what kept them off the record. Really clean, great songs! I actually like them better than some of the songs on Engine Of A Million Plots. The demo of Blizzards and Bygones with Scott singing is fantastic and almost better than the original. If I’m not mistaken, this is the version that was played during Scotts interview on Urban Achiever. Into the Storm is another killer track. It feels more like an actual b-side, but still a killer song.

To Astoria is a weird track. Pirate/celtic punk. It’s the one track on this ep that trips me up a little. The title track closes out the ep, and again, I don’t understand why it didn’t make the final cut for Engine Of A Million Plots but I’m really glad this made the ep and is hitting my ears.

It’s obvious that Five Iron wrote a lot of killer songs for Engine Of A Million plots and this ep is the promise that more great tracks are on the way! 5 out of 5 Stars.

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