Everything Melts Eventually Volume 1

On the 18th of December, Broken Circle Records released a brand new split 7” called Everything Melts Eventually Volume 1. The first in what the label says will be an ongoing series. This split features Bandit, Slow & Steady, Triathlon, and Ivadell. All the songs are winter themed and the label branded this record full of Christmas songs for people who don’t like Christmas music.

I love Bandit’s track. It’s simple, which they did on Of Life, but it feels different. It has a holiday vibe for sure. The theme of having a hard time with the Christmas holiday resonates with a lot of people and it strikes a chord as being not your typical Holiday song.

Triathalon’s On the Sofa ends the A side. It’s both similar and lesser than they’re Sophomore record, Nothing Bothers Me. It still has those rich, verbed out tones but feels way sparser. It perfectly captures a cold winter day but still totally chill and hanging out with loved ones.

Ivadell’s Dog Days is my favorite track on this split. The heaviness of the chorus just hits me in a real way. The lyrical content of having the year fly by seems to mean more each passing year. The melody is great and that hook is catchy!

Slow & Steady closes the record. Taking a more political approach with Your Cold Heart, Slow & Steady really delivers a dark song. The darkness resonates with the early sunsets and dark long nights of winter. The refrain of “How many people must die” really hits hard and I love the impact that track leaves. It’s the perfect closer to this split.

I love this split. Yes, it’s sort of holiday themed, but the tracks are good and will be worth listening to long after winter has passed. 5 out of 5 Stars.

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