“Hymns for the Apocalypse” Raises Money for Syria Refugees

Justin Marler and his band The Quick and the Dead (https://www.facebook.com/quickanddead) have launched an album of punk rock versions of gospel songs called “Hymns for the Apocalypse” to raise money for Syrian refugees. One of the top releases of 2015, the album brilliantly blends the 1990s East Bay punk sound with melodies and harmony. Marler’s journey is a fantastic tale involving the doom-metal band Sleep, seven years in an Eastern Orthodox monastery, and publishing a handmade magazine called “Death to the World: The Last True Rebellion,” which was distributed by Marler and other monks wearing monastic robes at punk shows. The story is detailed in the Austin Statesman newspaper (http://specials.mystatesman.com/austin-punk-monk/). Currently a member of St. Elias Orthodox in downtown Austin, Marler is sending all proceeds from the sale to the Hauran Connection, a project that benefits his parish’s sister diocese, Bosra-Hauran in Southern Syria, which has been devastated by civil war over the past four years. The parishes that remain open in that region have been transformed into relief stations, distributing food, medicine and supplies to anyone in the region regardless of religion. Please support this worthwhile cause.

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