Tigerwine Begins Tracking New Record

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Blood and Ink Records artist Tigerwine posted photos on Instagram over the weekend from Glow In the Studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Hayden Trobee, Tigerwine’s lead singer, has confirmed working with producer Matt Goldman and had this to say, “Matt has worked on so many records we love; to get the opportunity to have his wisdom and insight to help make this record, means the world to us. The new record is kind of an elaboration of ‘Lull’. We feel as if we are picking up where it left off. We’re very very proud of the songs and excited for everyone to hear them. ”

Shane Riley is also seen in the band’s Instagram photos playing drums in the studio. Riley is the longtime fill in drummer for Comrades. Tigerwine confirms Riley has officially joined the band to play drums, making the band a 4-piece. Steve Lichtenwalker will now be playing guitar.

Riley had this to say about joining the band, “When the guys first messaged me about joining the band, I thought they were joking. But we started actually discussing it, and it was the easiest decision I’ve had to make since I started playing drums.”

The bands new full-length will also be released via Blood & Ink Records later this year. More details to follow.

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