Into It. Over It. – Standards

I only recently found out about Into It. Over It. Intersections was the only record on Rolling Stone’s Greatest Emo Album list that I wasn’t familiar with. So I picked up the album and loved it! So I was really stoked to see that Evan Thomas Weiss had a new record out for me to dive into.

I wasn’t quite ready for the shift in sound on Standards. I actually had to put the record to the side for a while and come back with fresh ears. And I’m glad I did. This is a record where it would’ve been real easy to make a rash judgement after one listen and talk about how much I disliked Standards because it doesn’t sound like Intersections (which I had only just discovered).

There’s a lot I love about Standards. Standards feels familiar and homey. Like a record you’ve spent years listening to. It reminds me at various points of great songs from Death Cab for Cutie, The Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, Denison Witmer, and Dashboard Confessional. It’s also a record all to it’s self. It’s a soundtrack. No one song sounds like the next, yet the record still feels cohesive.

My favorite moment on the record is Your Lasting Image into Old Lack & Ivory. The haunting melancholy of Your Lasting Image is beautiful and instantly reminded me of and evoked the same emotion that Death Cab’s Brothers On A Hotel Bed did. It’s a beautiful song that pulls on the heartstrings. It transitions flawlessly into the even more sparsely arranged Old Lace & Ivory. The tiny sound of the drums populating an instrumental section before dropping out for something of a false build ends that songs beautifully.

Songs like Closing Argument, No EQ, Adult Contempt, Required Reading, and Who You Are Does Not Equal Where You Are are all incredible indie rock songs with interesting drum grooves and tight guitar riffs. Vis Major is a straight up rock and roll party song. And of course the record is full of simple acoustic songs ranging from light upbeat singer/songwriter to more poignant and heartbreaking.

The more I listen to Standards, the more I find and hear things I like. One of my favorite records of the year so far! And it very easily could’ve been one I missed. 5 out of 5 Stars!

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