Hope For The Dying – Legacy

Dissimulation – concealment of one’s thoughts, feelings, or character
Aletheia – the state of not being hidden
Legacy – something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past

Each of Hope For the Dying’s record have been a progression forward. Each one hinting at the past and the band’s full body of work, while continuing to move forward and create something new and defined on its owned. I added the definitions for the titles from the band’s last 3 records because it hints at something. Dissimulation and Aletheia were opposites. Musically they had some similarities but listening to them back to back, with a critical ear, you hear how the records tell two different stories. And I like to thing that Legacy takes the best from both of those outings and creates something new, while paying tribute to the past.

While listening to Legacy, there were moments when I just had to stop and enjoy and marvel at the technical writing ability of Hope For the Dying. Moments like the “breakdown” on Flamed Forged really took me back and made me say “wow.”

It’s progressive metal that’s still metal. Look, I love Between the Buried and Me. But sometimes I feel like the progressive side of the music takes over and distracts. It’s great but requires you to pay attention and really appreciate what the band is doing. Hope For the Dying is interesting and if you take the time can really digest and appreciate the depths of the band’s talent. But you can also just listen to the record and enjoy it as a kick ass metal record without getting bogged down in the arrangements.

And I’ll also admit, this record sounds like Hope For the Dying. If you like the band, you’re going to like this record. They aren’t breaking new ground. Just building on what they’ve done and perfecting it. And you know what? It’s damn good! Sometimes you just need a band to be great. Hope For the Dying has always released amazing records and Legacy is just the next gem in their discography.

Legacy is an excellent metal records. The solos are great and the riffs slay. Hope for The Dying continues to push the envelope forward when it comes to arrangements and instrumentation, but the songs are always moving forward and cohesive. I’ve been a fan of the band ever since their debut ep and each record gets better and better. Legacy is another masterpiece. 5 out of 5 Stars.

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