Free Music Friday: Quieter/Glacier Veins – Relationship Goals Split EP

I approach Bandcamp the same way I approach a used record store; look for interesting artwork and album titles. Which is how I stumbled upon Quieter’s Won’t Call Back ep. Quieter released another ep earlier this year (From Me To You) but it’s this new split ep with Glacier Veins that I really want to highlight. Because I LOVE these two songs from Glacier Veins.

Glacier Veins reminds me of bands like The Rocking Horse Winner, States, and Denali. They’re a wonderful emo-pop band. Malia Endres’ vocals are inviting and the guitar work on It’s Best If We Run is both simple and catchy.

The combination of Quieter’s more “aggressive” and emotive sound going into Glacier Veins’ upbeat pop style is perfect. You can get the split ep, plus more from Quieter at or at (with more from Glacier Veins). And as always, if you like what you hear, donate a dollar or two and/or give the bands a follow on social media.


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