Free Music Friday: Static Scene – Static Scene

The DC Music scene is often talked about as this past thing, that had happened but is no more. And I get that. I mean DC is the birthplace of hardcore, the home of go-go, where the term emo got it’s start. It’s the home of Minor Threat, Fugazi, Dag Nasty, Chuck Brown, Henry Rollins, Jawbox, and countless other influential artists. But the DC scene didn’t die in 2002 when Fugazi went on hiatus. Our nations capitol is still producing new great bands.

One of them is Static Scene. I was lucky enough to play on a bill with Static Scene before leaving DC and got to witness the band up close. The soaring lead riff on Eye For An Eye is memorable and it’s stuck in my head ever since I saw the band perform the track live. The record moves like the ocean. Calm and peaceful one moment and then wildly out of control the next. Serene beauty and pure chaotic power existing in the same place. The four songs on the band’s self-titled ep are fantastic.

You can name your own price for a digital download of the ep at or spend a couple of bucks and grab a cd copy of the ep. And as always, if you like the band, give them a follow on social media.

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