DANAE – Direction

Pop artist DANAE has finally unleahsed her debut ep, Direction into the world.

Direction os a musical and production feat of strength. If DANAE had major label back, the album’s first single, title track, and opening number, Direction, would easily be the number one song on most radio stations in America. It’s a super catchy song that makes you want to dance and grabs your attention immediately. Gold In the Dirt takes on a downtempo style vibe that fans of songs like David Guetta’s Titanium could easily gravitate to. Actualized is a beautiful ballad. Prove dabbles in some dubstep grooves like bringing back the dancehall vibes and infectious pop sensibilities.

But what sets Direction apart from DANAE’s peers is the lyrical depth in the songs. While Direction might be the debut for DANAE, front-woman Tiffany Thompson can’t escape the songwriting prowess that drew so many people to her music in the first place.

Not only is Direction a dancey power pop single, it’s also super anthemic on the level of Katie Perry’s Roar. The song is call to embrace and chase the dreams life throws at you. Gold in the Dirt is about working hard and seeing through the trails and the process to get to the reward. It’s an encouraging song about not giving up. Actualized isn’t just a love song. It’s about that moment when you realize the relationship is real and is going somewhere. Lyrically, Prove is the second part of Actualized. Now that you’ve realized you have something real, you stop trying so hard and are just yourself.

My complaint, which is always my complaint with great ep’s, is that the record is just too short and I want more. DANAE gives us an acoustic version of Direction, which offers a great insight into where a song starts and where it ends up. Direction is both catchy and deep. The songs will have you up dancing, but if you stop and give the lyrics a listen, you might be inspired. I’ve been a fan of Thompson’s work for a long time, and this new project is no different. 5 out of 5 Stars!

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  1. I loved my interview with Danae, and was so inspired by her song Direction asked for permission to make it our show theme song, although we only play a little bit of it, I know it will open people up to embracing their new Directions when they hear the intro, thank you Danae for being such an inspiration.


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