Glacier Veins – Clear Your Head

Glacier Veins - Clear Your Head - cover
If you follow this site with any regularity you are aware that I have been obsessed with Glacier Veins for months now. The band’s two songs on Relationship Goals blew me away and I was stoked to hear that a new ep was quickly on it’s way.

The friendly emo-pop sound that drove the the band’s songs on Relationship Goals is still there but it is punctuated by emo’s punk roots on Clear Your Head. That was most punctuated by Different Faces, the song the band decided to premiere first from the album. Different Faces hits you with it’s blistering pace and Malia Endres’ aggressive vocal. But the verse gives way to a beautiful chorus before ripping back into another breakneck verse. The guitar solo is fantastic. The band self describes their music as “Portland Dream Punk” and I think that perfectly captures the sound on Different Faces.

The record kicks off with New Lungs, which feels very much like the natural progression from Relationship Goal. Still very much a poppy song but you can hear that the band’s confidence and ability has progressed forward. Northern has some incredible grooves and a strong arrangement. The band has an acoustic of the track on their Bandcamp page so you can compare and hear the growth. Empty Room is an almost haunting track and you’re just waiting for the song to explode into this next level and you kind of get that satisfaction you’re waiting for. The guitars swirl in this song in a way that reminds me of Eisley’s Deep Space. Endres’ take on a fantastic growl at parts of Swallowed that really take Glacier Veins from being a pretty emo-pop band to a serious punk rock heavyweight.

This ep fantastic and Glacier Veins is a band that I will continue to tell people about until they get some more recognition! Clear Your Head is a record worth your time. 5 out of 5 Stars.

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