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Free Music Friday: Blacksmith – Fall Apart

I like when band’s advertise their genre honestly, but 90’s emo could mean a lot of different things. And while I particular sound comes to my mind when I think of 90’s emo, that doesn’t mean that it encompasses all of what 90’s emo could be. Tampa, Florida’s Blacksmith isn’t what I think of when I think 90’s emo. You can hear the influence of Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity, Sunny Day’s How It Feels To Be Something On, and Christie Front Drive. You can even hear the influence of Death Cab For Cutie’s Photo Album on Fall Apart. But even thought those influences are present, you would never say that Blacksmith sounds like any of those bands. Fall Apart is polished and I feel it leans more on the indie pop side of emo than it does the punk side. It’s really a well produced ep. You can name your own price for Fall Apart at


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